Cutting through the noise in marketing

Marketing advice: Cutting through marketing noise

Cutting through the noise is one of a marketer's key challenges.

It’s ironic therefore that my marketing peers create a deafening volume when it comes to best practice and new-thinking. And quite frankly, there's a lot of fabricated phrases, serving no more purpose than to make others feel like they’re already behind the curve, and half-baked 'concepts' which create barriers to actually getting stuff done.

There's also some fantastic new ways of doing things and a new perspective on something could just what's needed to rethink what you're doing and why.

Find a balance and focus on what matters.

This is about focussing on what really matters to you and your business when it comes to marketing, and not being distracted by a new channel or concept, just because it's the latest trend to be adopted by Starbucks, Apple and Google. We are not Starbucks, Apple and Google and we don't have their marketing budgets.

So, how do you separate the good from the bad; the things worth the investment and the things that will only drain your time and energy?

To begin, ask yourself the following:

  • Is this related to my business mission?

  • Is this related to overall and three key objectives for my business this year?

  • Will is distract me from existing channels and/or marketing campaigns, which I am testing or work well for me already?

  • What does my gut say about suitability?

You need to be firm and honest with yourself - is this really going to help you and is it for you?

Having a clear, succinct business mission, overall objective and three goals / key initiatives underneath this will keep you on track. You have to know what you want to achieve and how you're going to get there, otherwise it's like trying to drive to a vague destination having had a quick glance at the map (let's assume you don't have Google Maps / sat nav).

Being agile (a great marketing buzzword) is great; as is keeping up with trends, but just because it's new, innovative or evangelised by a marketing guru, doesn't mean to say it's for you.