Decided social media is for you? Quick marketing tips

Social media marketing - Like

New to social media, or you think you could use it better?

Here are some quick, basic tips to cover off...

  • Research, listen and distinguish. A general marketing tip really. Before you start posting, you should already have an idea of the general tone and 'feel' of your content. Then, do your market research and see what others are talking about, posting, the way they speak and therefore how you will distinguish yourself.

  • Don't write, post and leave - engage. Engage is term is used a lot by marketers, but what I simply mean is comment. Don't just like, lurk or use social media as a one-way megaphone to shout about you. The more you reply / comment etc. the more you get yourself seen. It's social media after all.

  • Don't sell. Especially important if you are part of a Facebook group. Unless there is a specified time / day to share what you do, please do not sell. If you were stood face-to-face in that group, you wouldn't simply start spouting about what you do, your new product or your latest blog, so don't do it in a Facebook group. Take a look at innocent Drinks for a brilliant example of how little they actually sell their products, but do a much better job of 'selling' their brand through fantastic content.

  • Use the 80/20 rule. All your content doesn't have to be your content. I read this tip from a great content marketing freelancer (That. Content. Shed) who has a loyal following with a very natural way of getting people involved and interested. Quote others and tag them in your posts. Always make sure you credit others for their work.

  • PR yourself quickly and easily. Heard of #journorequest? If not, this is a great free way to respond to journalist requests for information and comments and get yourself some free exposure. The downside is that you do have to have time to get on Twitter and search through the many posts, and you may find bloggers and 'influencers' also using this to get their hands on freebies, so do take a minute to consider whether it's worth your time.

  • Do track 'engagement'. This really doesn't have to be something that takes a great deal of time at all. Did you know for example, on Twitter under Analytics you can quickly see which tweets got the most impressions and engagements. It takes a few minutes to just have a look at your top tweets and replies. You can also take a quick peak at how well a tweet is performing by clicking on the little graph icon on the bottom right of your tweet. It will tell you how many impressions you got, as well as how many people expanded the detail of your tweet and looked at your profile, handle or photo. Facebook and Instagram have similar functionality. It's worth taking a look at the content people engage with most; it might not be what you thought.