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What can British business owners learn from Americans?

I’ve always been fascinated by human psychology. What makes us tick, what makes people buy, but especially what qualities and characteristics makes certain people successful and others not?

Now, Trump, guns and Kardashians aside (and the fact that I believe us Brits have a wickedly funny sense of humour), I do have to admit that I think there's quite a lot about an American way of thinking which can help people who are running their own business.

I'm not talking about just simply believing something can happen and it will (though I do buy into having to genuinely believe it can happen), I'm talking about having a more optimistic and 'can do' perspective and attitude.

Lucky people don't exist

I think there is such as thing as luck, but I don't believe there are lucky people. To my mind these people, as you may have heard in TV shows and films, make their own luck. I think they put themselves in the right places, with the right people and have the right way of thinking so they're open to more opportunities and therefore successes, which can be perceived as luck.

Only in America

Stephen Fry has spoken frequently about the differences between Americans and the British. One example he used years ago was when people use the term "Only in Britain" or "Only in America". In America the term is used to express how fantastic something is and that it can only happen in America - the land of opportunity, where dreams can come true and where many grew their fame and fortune. Brits on the other hand, use this as a derogatory term e.g. "Ugh! Only in Britain would we X, Y, Z" [cue eye roll to fully express our distain].

Presenting yourself as somebody people want to deal with

Americans frequently pitch themselves as the winners and the go-getters, whereas the British do a fantastic (and often comical) job of painting themselves as those who have had one bump in the road after another.

The problem is, as much as this provides us with a sense of camaraderie and an amusing anecdote or two in the pub between friends, I believe we could be doing ourselves a disservice when it comes to running a business.

We need to tell people why we're fantastic at what we do and how we can help them become successful too.

I'm not saying we (especially Brits) want to deal with perfect people. Its nice to know you're dealing with a 'human' who makes mistakes too, but when we're handing our hard-earned cash over to somebody, we need to be sure it's been put to good use.

So, what little things can we do to embrace of more positive way of thinking?

  • Look for the positive. Sounds stupid, but actively look for the positives in what you're doing each day

  • Don't be shy. Tell people exactly what you're good at, but more importantly how you can help them. This is key when it comes to marketing, especially if you're the business owner and on the 'front line' of selling your product or services

  • Set yourself big goals, but always break them down into manageable chunks - you'll be able to believe you can do it, because you can see you're doing it

  • Remind yourself daily of what you have done and done well, no matter how small

  • Accept it's fine not to feel brilliant all the time, but allow yourself a set amount of time to reflect, then put it to bed and move on again (this also works for dealing with fear running a business - see my other blog post)

  • Support others. There's good evidence to show that praising and thanking others actually makes you feel better yourself

And on that last note, thanks for taking the time to read this post. Here's to you and your business! Good luck!

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