Blogs not getting any interest? These reasons might be why

Reaching your audience through blogging

You're thinking about your business and not your target audience

​We live and breathe our businesses, so it can be hard to distance ourselves at times. However, when it comes to blogging, your target audience is no.1.

If it's not something that's relevant, useful or emotional, then what good is it?

What are they searching for online? How is your blog going to help them and / or questions they need answering?

E.g. I've recently worked with a children's author / illustrator who is targeting parents of children to offer private commissions, such as illustration portraits of their children. Those parents are often looking for activities to do with their children during the summer holidays, not for portrait illustrations (not until they see her amazing work at least).

Before you start writing, imagine who you are writing to and what they are looking for.

You're confusing it with a newsletter for subscribers

Your blog isn't there to tell your subscribers what you're up to all the time. Promoting what you're up to, a new service / product could be interesting, but it's certainly not the sole reason to create a blog.

Again, think of your audience and what it is you're helping them with.

Remember that blogging isn't just for your subscribers, it's to help your target audience (i.e. new customers) find you through online searches, so think about what it is they're searching for.

You're not using the right words in your title and content

What are the right words? They're the ones your audience are using in their searches.

Using my example from the children's author / illustrator about parents searching for activities with their children....

They might type in something like: 'Things to do with kids during holidays'.

Your title therefore might be very similar: '5 creative activities for kids during school holidays'

Your content would also include similar words: 'It's not always easy to keep the kids busy and happy indoors during the school holidays. Here are 5 low-cost and easy creative activities you can do with your children'

Concentrate on only a few keywords, rather than lots and lots of different ones. Do make sure your content flows naturally however, rather than cramming in keywords into your blog wherever possible.

Another tip: Make sure you are using current events / trends and seasons and blog inspiration. In this case it's school summer holidays.

The length of the blog isn't quite right

A blog should be at least 500 words. It should include headers for visual breaks (and helping people in a rush to skip to the content they're particularly interested in) and to help with SEO.

Another tip: Include links to other internal pages on your blog or site and external sites where relevant.

You're not sharing enough

Sometimes, we post a blog on our site and social and forget about it. But that blog content can be used multiple times, simply be alternating the wording of the post.

E.g. 'Looking for activities to keep the kids entertained? 5 low-cost and easy indoor activities'

'Keep the cost of school holidays down with 5 easy activities to do at home'.

We'd be lucky to reach everyone we're looking for with one social media post (even on different social media platforms). Try sharing on different days of the week and at different times.

Happy blogging!

If you're looking for more help with blogging...

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